2017 Sarah Jacobson Grantees

Alyx Arumpac

Animals in the Philippines turn up dead, their hearts missing and blood drained. People say an aswang – a shapeshifting beast from folklore – is on the loose.




Ja’Tovia Gary

In The Evidence of Things Not Seen, an artist steps through the looking glass on a quest to reconcile with trans-generational trauma and mental illness in her own family tree. Blending bold, spirited animation, archival footage, and intimate family interviews, the filmmaker turns the camera on herself and invites us on an intrepid journey into the nature of the self, interconnectivity, and wholeness.

Does our history define us? Is a legacy of inherited trauma simply inescapable? Or can we release ourselves from looping behavioral cycles by examining toxic, entrenched patterns? The Evidence of Things Not Seen explores these questions of family legacy and historical memory while fearlessly reimagining documentary form.