2020 Sarah Jacobson Grantees

Masami Kawai

Zona takes place in a speculative Los Angeles, where a drought has worsened. When the water stops running, an old immigrant woman braves the city to search for water for her neighbor in need. This vision of the future blends low-tech science fiction, realistic film techniques, and non-professional actors who bring their lived experience to the project. Ultimately, this story gives voice to those who already live on the margins and face limited resources but decide to hold on to their humanity.

Rhea Storr

The Otherwhere Women is an experimental short driven by voice, a diasporic wandering told through the narrative voiceover of three Black Women as they navigate four dreamspaces: the Square, the Bridge, the Garden and the Hill. The politics of these spaces are considered through systems of power that remain, through statues, buildings and bodies. Shot on Super 8 black and white film, The Otherwhere Women focuses on space rather than colour. This fictive no-time is imaged through specific sites in relation to the filmmaker’s own heritage, by extracting a dreamspace from the carnival routes of Notting Hill, UK and Nassau, Bahamas.